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Aceus GPU Pricing & Specifications

At Aceus you can choose a wide variety of GPU powered instances for your AI model training and deployments. We offer 2 kinds of instances

  • On demand instances, you can launch them in seconds.
  • Bare metal server for 30 or more days.
  • Free bandwidth

Bare metal server

For reserving the below servers, please reach out to us using the chat option or drop us an email at

GPU TypevCPUSRamStorage7 Days30 Days90 Days183 Days365 DaysNVlink
1x A100 80 GB/SXM16115GB1500GB$380$1440$4000$7600$13500Yes
2x A100 80 GB/SXM32230GB3000GB$760$2880$8000$15200$27000Yes
4x A100 80 GB/SXM64460GB6000GB$1520$5760$16000$30400$54000Yes
2x A30 48 GB32180GB1280GB-$1110$3250$6340$12000No
4x A30 96 GB64360GB2560GB-$2220$6500$12680$24000No

On Demand instances

On demand instances comes preconfigured with

  • Jupyter Lab
  • VS Code
  • SSH access
  • API endpoint (Useful for deploying apps like Gradio, FastAPI servers)
  • Free bandwidth
  • Pay per minute
  • Choose upto 8 GPUs on a single instance

Nvidia Ada Lovelace GPU

The RTX6000 Ada GPU delivers superior performance compared to the previous-generation Ampere GPUs, outperforming predecessors such as the A6000 and A5000.

RTX6000 Ada - 48GB32128GB$0.79/hr$1.14/hr$180/week$680/month

Nvidia Ampere GPU

Choose from A100, A6000 and A5000 GPU, provides up to 20X higher performance over the prior generation. Ampere GPUs are also faster than V100 and Quadro based GPUs.

A100 - 40GB732GB$0.79/hr$1.49/hr$230/week$860/month
A6000 - 48GB732GB$0.59/hr$0.99/hr$155/week$640/month
A5000 - 24GB732GB$0.39/hr$0.59/hr$95/week$400/month

Nvidia Quadro GPU

Choose from RTX 6000 and RTX 5000, provides similar performance to an V100 GPU.

RTX 5000 - 16GB732GB$0.19/hr$0.49/hr$75/week$315/month

Spot instances

Spot instances or preemptible instances lets you use spare GPUs at a discounted price and save upto 60% cost. However these instances can be auto-paused when the demand increases.

All the data stored on the disk will remain intact.

These instances are well suited for

  • Learning.
  • When you have implemented checkpoints, and you want to save on costs.
  • Scaling API workloads that are not mission critical.

On Demand Weekly/Monthly duration

Get upto 5% discounts for weekly usage and upto 10% discounts on monthly usage. Instances that are launched for a week/month cannot be paused or destroyed during that duration. Post the duration, instances will continue at the discounted prices till you choose to pause/destroy.


Storage costs $0.1/GB per month and you can choose upto 500GB per instance.


If you need more storage, please reach out to us using the chat option or drop us an email at